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Agnieszka Anna Jozwiak

CX&UX Consulting, CXPA

Agnieszka Anna Jozwiak - CX&UX Consulting, CXPA

​Agnieszka has nearly 15 years’ experience in various CX and UX roles with over a decade focus on digital sphere. She has built her career on Customer Experience and still believes in service as a fundamental differentiator in driving change in business and growing commercial value.

Having dedicated many years to studying Social Science and Communication she is fascinated by transition of social behaviours and human interactions patterns in context of emerging trust challenges.

She is passionate about developing empowered individuals and cross-functional teams in this greenfield space by leveraging data analysis and machine learning.

Agnieszka has joined CXPA Ireland in 2016, Board Member since 2018, increasing impact and visibility of CX professionals and promoting CX discipline.

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